Saturday, April 12, 2008

I work a lot now a days

I find myself working a lot these days, making it harder and harder to get out there and meet people in more traditional ways. Of course it's not all work, for play I love getting outside, whether it's a pub or a cottage! I love going out with friends for dinner or a nice walk to unwind after the day. I also enjoy quiet days of lounging and reading, cooking and again visiting with family and friends. I can either do it up or just be casual whatever the mood calls for. I'm pretty family oriented, but i think that may be because I lucked out with all my relations, the whole lot of us are known for our outgoing dispositions, dry humor and joy in a good battle of the wits!

You would be equally driven and have a great sense of humor, outgoing and independant.

I'm just looking for someone to enjoy good conversations with and share a few laughs....who knows....

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